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  • M. C. Tee - I expected the worst

    I was expecting terrible. My standards are super low for movies lately. I think most American directors of mainstream blockbusters like these have completely given up and are just collecting a paycheck. At least I hope so, cuz a monkey with down syndrome could write a script better than most of Hollywood these days. But I digress. This movie was fun and entertaining and I'm really into the Rock lately. His acting skills have improved with each film he does and he seems like a reallly nice guy. I enjoy watching him on HBO's Ballers. Check out the show and watch this movie.

  • Amazon Customer - $40 Ankle Weights

    I bought these socks to go with my FiveFingers to train for and run another marathon. The first time I wore them was for a 13 mile training run. I was very impressed, and do believe that they reduced leg fatigue. Later I wore them for a 6.5 mile trail race with several water crossings. As soon as I hit the first water crossing, they slid right down to my ankles and would not stay up the rest of the race. I thought it was a problem specific to being soaked while running. I wore them again a few weeks later for a 5k road race. Within the first mile they were both down around my ankles again. I just paid $40 for a set of ankle weights!

  • Larry Howell - Activation Code Expired

    The copy I received had an activation code that expired 30 days before I placed the order. Took several days working with Kaspersky Support (very helpful) to figure out what the problem was.

  • Park Gimbap - It didn't really moisturize but it's a darn good cleanser.

    Thought this was a cleanser and moisturizer. It didn't really moisturize but it's a darn good cleanser.

  • Mr&MzPrime - Great safe belt safety leashes with clips for your pets

    Great safe belt safety leashes with clips for your pets. They work as described and the seat belt latch does work perfectly and really smoothly. I've had no problems or issues in using them and make you come out I expected them to. They're pretty durable as well. I've only had a good experience and using them since receiving these seat belts leashes for dogs. If this is what you are searching for and are interested in this product I suggest using this one as it is a well-made one and it works properly. I did receive this product at a heavily discounted rate or for free in exchange for my 100% honest and an unbiased opinion in my review and that is exactly what I provided here. Thank you.

  • WenX - five star

    This filter fits perfectly in my friend's LG refrigerator. After rinsing some water through it as directed the water is clear and works as intended. Easy to replace and now the water doesn't taste like dust.The filter also decreases the odor that can start to occur when rust and lead build up in your tank. The filter was very quick and easy to install. This filter will last twice the amount of time as name brand ones. Works great at a fraction of the price with no issues.

  • Sonoferin - I love this stuff

    Ok I am using this as part of a diet I have started, I am not a health nut nor am I being rewarded for this review. I am 61 years old and trying to lose weight because of my diabetes. I am going by a book I have read ( and will re read ) called Zero Belly Fat. The book is great but what is even better is that his advice is bang on! So far on this diet which is about 3 weeks I have lost a total of 15 IBs. I didnt start using the Plant Fusion till a week into the diet. So its been a very positive experience. I have read some people talk about the taste being not good, well not for me. I add frozen bananas (1/2) in the morning and frozen fruit at midday, and I love the taste,. I did not think it chalky and at this rate of weight loss I couldnt be happier. I give this product a great big thumbs up...