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  • james freeman - Nice Remote

    After reading the reviews I bought this remote for the price,it was a little hard but also silly to program,one of the reviews gave instructions on how to do this and it WORKED!!! How happy was Ito save some money.You know how much the car dealers want.Also as I found out if you double click it will unlock all the doors!!!

  • richard 75 - I couldn't put it down

    What a read. Kept me up all night. Entertaining, witty and clever. When I reached the last page, tear in my eyes, and stumbled to my computer, I still couldn't make a damn Excel spreadsheet to save myself.

  • Raivn - Made Me Sick

    I am not pregnant, but decided to start taking prenatal vitamins, because they improved a lot of things about my health and appearance when I was pregnant. I was very excited about these. They looked simple and easy to take. I tried one. As soon as it had time to hit my stomach, I immediately felt nauseous, and had to run to the bathroom and throw up. I thought these were supposed to help with morning sickness, not create it in someone that wasn't even pregnant. My immediate reaction was to throw the rest of them away. I had absolutely no reason whatsoever to be nauseous, and I know that these were the reason.