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Drug Zero | Workplace Drug Testing & Property Meth Testing - We specialise in workplace drug testing, property meth testing and Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Programmes. We service all areas of Hawke's Bay.

  • http://drugzero.co.nz/workplace-drug-testing/ Drug Zero | Workplace Drug Testing - We specialise in workplace drug testing and alcohol testing and implementing Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Programmes. Contact us for a free discussion.
  • http://drugzero.co.nz/workplace-drug-testing/alcohol-testing/ Drug Zero | Alcohol and Drug Testing Services - We can provide alcohol drug testing services at your workplace and help you with, or help to set up a Drug and Alcohol policy.
  • http://drugzero.co.nz/property-meth-testing/ Drug Zero | Property Meth Testing - We provide property Meth Testing services and are committed to providing the highest quality services in a professional and discreet manner.
  • http://drugzero.co.nz/our-team/ Drug Zero | Our Management Team - We specialise in drug testing and alcohol screening in the workplace and property drug testing for methamphetamine contamination.
  • http://drugzero.co.nz/contact/ Drug Zero | Contact Us For Drug Testing Services - Workplace drug testing and property drug testing services. Contact us on 021 744 034 or email [email protected]

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    City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

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