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    DO NOT BUY THIS! I can't understand why this ink is such poor quality. I have an HP LaserJet 1020- a very basic printer, nothing fancy- but when I changed my HP ink cartridge with this one-- I now get horrible quality copies. The ink smears easily and doesn't dispense onto the paper in an even manner! I have printed about 50 sheets with it and all but a couple sheets have had issues. Do not waste your money! Do not take a chance. It is not worth the hassle of returning, leaving bad reviews, etc. Just buy a higher quality product in the first place. I am so sorry I didn't do the same.

  • Fiona Wilson - Very well written

    Once again the author has produced a story which will keep you guessing right to the end. Even then, he manages to throw in red herrings galore until finally revealing that you haven't guessed the punchline at all. This book will have you thinking one thing after another, and making assumptions about someone only to have them pulled apart later in the story. As I read further I realised just how clever the story was.

  • Todd R. Adams - Great little Unit

    This is a great little unit for the price. Not made to last the test of time, but should make it through a season or two. Entirely made of plastic, (including the internal parts and mechanisms,) so eventually one of these pieces will break and it will need to be trashed. The unit needs to be plugged in, but does have a battery section to receive a battery(s) (NOT INCLUDED) for portable use. No idea how long the unit will last with batteries...yet.

  • My2Cents - Wish I would have researched

    Purchased these to help protect the floor of our 2015 Fusion. While the fitment is nice, there are a few things that this product lacks in. They have been installed in the car for the past 6 months. The front floor mats are holding up well, but like others have mentioned they don't protect 100% of the floor. There is a small area between the "footwell" and under the front edge of the seat. Depending on how far back you place your seat, this area of flooring will be exposed to the dirt / grime coming off of your shoes.

  • Marie R. Fischer - Help when I needed

    I was updating the tunes for my iPod and checked out Phil Collins. I didn't have this song and remembered how much it meant to me. I believe it helped me out during a difficult time in my life. I would play it over and over at a maxium volume to drive out the demons inside. I survived and still love this song.