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  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/populacao/ População | Diocese do Algarve - Segundo o último recenseamento, de 2001, o Algarve tem 395.218 habitantes, mais 15,8% do que há dez anos atrás. Mas na época estival chega a albergar mais de
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/territorio/ Território | Diocese do Algarve - DIOCESE DO ALGARVE (Faro) é uma faixa geográfica no extremo sul de Portugal, com 5.071,60 Km2 de superfície, correspondendo a 5,7% da área do País. Tem 160 Km
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  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/conselho-presbiteral/ Conselho Presbiteral | Diocese do Algarve - Membros Natos: D. Manuel Neto Quintas (Bispo Diocesano); Cón. Carlos Alberto César Morais Chantre (Vigário Geral); Cón. José Pedro de Jesus Martins (Vigário
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/colegios-de-consultores/ Colégios de Consultores | Diocese do Algarve - Colégio de Consultores: Cón. Carlos Alberto César Morais Chantre, Cón. José Pedro de Jesus Martins, P. Henrique Marreiros Varela, Cón. Manuel Oliveira Rodrigues
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  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/cefla/ CEFLA | Diocese do Algarve - Curso Básico de Teologia para Agentes de Pastoral || 2015- 2016 Programa - Calendário Disciplina Professor Ano Semestre Revelação e S.
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/eucaristias/ Eucaristias | Diocese do Algarve - LOCALIDADE HORÁRIO INVERNO EUCARISTIA DOMINICAL HORÁRIO VERÃO EUCARISTIA DOMINICAL HORÁRIO EUCARISTIA DIÁRIA Eucaristias noutros idiomas Definição das datas de
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/padre-anselmo-borges-profere-conferencia-em-loule/ Padre Anselmo Borges profere conferência em Loulé | Diocese do Algarve - O padre Anselmo Borges profere amanhã, pelas 21h, uma conferência no salão nobre dos Paços do Concelho de Loulé sobre o tema “Valores e Liberdade: Que Fé?”
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/conselho-pastoral-da-diocese-do-algarve-reune-se-para-avaliar-o-presente-ano-pastoral-e-sugerir-acoes-para-o-proximo/ Conselho Pastoral da Diocese do Algarve reúne-se para avaliar o presente ano pastoral e sugerir ações para o próximo | Diocese do Algarve - O Conselho Pastoral da Diocese do Algarve (CPDA) reúne-se amanhã, dia 2 de maio, para avaliar brevemente o Programa Pastoral em vigor e para sugerir ações
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/igreja-do-algarve-promove-convivio-fraterno-para-jovens/ Igreja do Algarve promove Convívio Fraterno para jovens | Diocese do Algarve - A iniciativa destina-se a jovens maiores de 18 anos e proporciona aos participantes um “encontro íntimo com Cristo”.

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  • Dave - Excellent grinder, nothing like fresh ground beef!

    This is a great meat grinder! The suction base very firmly grips on to the countertop with just a simple twist - no amount of cranking or pushing caused it to shift even a little bit. Another thing I really love is that everything except the base comes completely apart, and it's very easy to put in the dishwasher and get everything super clean. There were a few times that I had to crank this harder than others, but that was mostly with more fatty meat that didn't want to go through the grinding plates as easily. They also include a coarse and fine grinding plate so you can get more control over how your ground meat is coming out (I tend to prefer the fine, the coarse left too many larger chunks for my taste). Also since it comes apart it's nice for storage - it doesn't have to take up a ton of room either! Great alternative to buying store ground beef, you can really control what you're putting into your meals! I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review

  • Tony - A really fascinating book

    The title pretty much says it all. This book, although not long, is full of amazing stories. It is almost like a behind the scenes look at things. The book is obviously well researched and is quite enjoyable to read.

  • NW Mama - Smells great and light feeling!

    I have to say ......ever since I went to Disneyland and had extreme southern Cali sun-rays on my skin...... crows flew on my face for the first time. No, not the bird....the wrinkles. Yep, crows feet. They came out of nowhere! I tried so many different anti-ageing products and nothing worked to get rid of the nasty things. I read somewhere....about a star who swears by this stuff and I tried it out. Guess what? Crows have flown away and I owe it all to Argan Oil. Yes, there are a lot out competitors out there, in fact I'm using another brand that is cheaper than this one currently.However, I'm going to order more of this brand next time because it feels lighter and has a better smell.

  • Farmer Pete - Cheap Quality

    Build quality is less than I was expecting. The case is pretty worthless. It does the job, as long as you aren't expecting too much. Obviously, if you were going to be using these much, I would recommend going with a better brand. If you just want them for the once a year project to assemble a bed/desk/bicycle etc, it should work for you. It's only a few months since I got this, and I've already replaced it with a higher quality and more comprehensive collection of sockets.

  • Deanna - tis the one heck yeah

    Dairy sensative and very picky eater however this non dairy cheese is exaxtly what i have been looking for and it melts yay.