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Pelvic Floor, Periods and Post Maternity Waterproof Pants - Pretty clever women's pants with a secret waterproof panel for life's little leaks. Pelvic floor | Post Maternity | Periods.

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  • April - and she just seems to feel much better. I'm amazed at how well this works

    This product is phenomenal! Our 10yo cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, but we didn't want to put her on medication. A quick internet search led me to this product. Within 3 days of beginning the drops, my cat has completely turned around! She's become more social, she's stopped throwing up, her urine output has significantly decreased, and she just seems to feel much better. I'm amazed at how well this works!

  • Frater IWSR - I felt much better with his previous books and methods on QE

    This is the latest of the author's books related to QE, and in this book the process is changed slightly and presented as an 'improvement', called 'EuStillness'. The book contains a number of techniques, which are slight variations on the previous QE processes, and all relate to resting in 'pure stillness' with the context of some practical application.

  • tiffany - Do not buy! Heavy case!

    First of all I had to pay for shipping a few days after I bought the item then it became free shipping. I was excited to get the item but when I got it I was totally mad because the case is super heavy, bulky, and when I put the case on my phone I noticed that the top of the case was coming off already! I wish I could get a refund for this. DO NOT BUY if you want a slim as light case!!!

  • secc2020 - Gorgeous ornament for our tree

    arrived in perfect condition and is beautiful on the tree. We buy one every year and this price is better than what i paid last year.

  • Minimesha - Great for Beginners!

    I am just starting to get into Magic The Gathering! I love this set! Yeah a few cards are basic however I did get quite a few good cards as well. I recommend this for anyone just starting. If you are a hard-core gammer then these cards would most likely bore you. This is mostly meant for you to get a starting deck together.

  • John B. Connell - The perfect PreFab book for right now.

    Not just a coffee table book. Sure, Taunton Press reliably publishes the most beautiful house books on this side of the Atlantic but what makes this book special is the content (which admittedly includes abundant mouth-watering photos). Sheri Koones has been writing about factory delivered homes for over a decade and in that time everything has changed (and her books have kept up with those changes). Prefab is no longer about fast and cheap. Now it's about energy efficiency, superior quality, high design, innovation AND affordability. Koones is a master of this subject having studied big houses and small houses from coast to coast in this country as well as the best prefabs from abroad. In this, her eighth title, she delves into how prefabrication is enabling the growing trend in smaller homes. People across the country are now embracing Sarah Susanka's advice to make houses that are "not so big" - but still incredibly well designed. In this book Koones collects the best of the best and shows how prefabrication has made small architecture possible, Each is different but all are successful in their "small" way. The characteristic Taunton diagrams and the glossary of resources alone would be worth the book price. I look forward to using this book with my online students at the Yestermorrow School. Pure inspiration!

  • Cinchicago - Great gift - well maid

    Bought this for a few of the men in my life for Xmas and it was a big hit. It's a great gift idea for all ages - I had one 27, 55, 75 all men that do yard ward outdoors and they are constantly raving about how much the put it to use every day. Highly recommended. Well made.