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  • sophia n. - Easy as 123

    We love it. It's easy to put together, easy to manage (fold down and open back up). It looks great while being easily adaptable with other branded infant car seats.

  • Rebecca Ivie Scott - It Works for Me

    Therabreath is the only product I've ever used that gets rid of my "tonsil stones"--the odiferous white waxy buildup some people get in their tonsil folds. I've had problems with these all my life and none of my ENT's suggestions worked; Therabreath does. It's a great breath product, but I was amazed it worked as advertised to eliminate the buildup.

  • Lauren In Glen Burnie - Expensive but very good!

    Like many of the others that have reviewed this shampoo, I too stayed at a Hilton and used it. This shampoo is without a doubt the best I have ever tried on my hair. You do not have to use much as it lathers up very well. I only wash my hair once every four days or so and combined with using a small amount it should last awhile but at $18 it is expensive. Seems to me that if they lowered the price they would probably sell more but I don't know what their overhead is. I really think this stuff would catch on if they did! It leaves my hair shiny and so soft and manageable when used with their mega rich conditioner (also very expensive) and as I said, this stuff really really is good. Just wish it was a bit cheaper.... I would have rated it an enthusiastic 5 stars if it was around $10 or $11 a bottle.

  • PAN66 - Works good as long as it works.

    It did a great job but went through cartridges faster than I expected. I think that the number of uses it tells you is based on the lowest setting and I used higher settings. It has been a year now and now it stopped working. Every replacement cartridge I have put in recently (4) has worked for 2-3 times then the unit alarms to tell me the cartridge needs replaced. :( If it hadn't started doing that, I would have given it a 4 rating at the very least. I couldn't rate it a 2 because I really did like it and felt that it worked well. Unfortunately, it just didn't work for very long.

  • ljt2520 - Best mouthwash at the best price!

    I had switched to Crest Pro-Health mouthwash for a bit because it was on sale, and it actually stained my teeth horribly. Many others have had this same problem with the Crest Pro-Health. My dentist has advised me to only use this mouthwash. BreathRx works really well - and my dental checkups have improved since using it. I purchased it on Amazon for half the retail store price!

  • Kenglaser Denver - No place to rest

    This was a hard book to put down. The setting in Kentucky was very Interesting. I liked the fact that there wasn't any hard sex and no "F"words.

  • Abeille - I was scared to try this at first that it was going to taste really nasty or be very gritty in my mouth but it really has no tas

    It's still too early to tell how well its whitening my teeth but I wanted to say that this product really surprised me. I was scared to try this at first that it was going to taste really nasty or be very gritty in my mouth but it really has no taste and there is no gritty sand like feeling either. You get a really good size jar of this too considering you only dip your bristles lightly into the powder so I think it will last a very LONG time. I will update my review again after using it to show my results of how it has or hasn't whitened my teeth. I was given this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.