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  • guitarman008 - Works, But Not a Quick Fix on a White Tile Roof

    Spray and Forget seems to work as promised. However, if your Home Owners Association sends you a notice about a tiny bit of charcoal grey on your white tile roof...well, it may not be the best. My white tile roof looked great, except for a slight dusting here and there of light grey roof algae. I had bought some Spray and Forget months before and had "forgotten" about it. When the notice came (I live next door to the close friend of one of the HOA inspectors who is over all the time) I was perturbed because it wasn't bad. But it meant a chance to try Spray and Forget. I mixed it 1 to 5, the strongest, and sprayed it on. I knew S & F said it was not a quick kill, but I wanted to try it out.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic swries

    I just love this universe as it's full of space battle actions and grand overview of politics. Characters are well developed and very engaging! Please keep writing in this universe! :)

  • Nick Schwinghamer - High Quality, Reliable ABS

    This is the first ABS filament we've used on our Ultimaker 2 after printing mostly in PLA and PET+. It's been great to work with, and produces a high quality printed product when the slicer settings are correctly configured for ABS. We have had no clogs or quality issues with the filament. It prints easy and looks great when it's done.

  • Old Geezer - Am I the only one?

    Am I the only one to have seen the self-help message in this incredibly useful tome? Shortly after first opening its pages and beginning its 273141-step self-improvement program, I lost over 173 pounds, added $437822 to my yearly income (working only part time!) and lowered my blood cholesterol by 65891. And, I've nearly stopped using heroin.

  • S. Deffendoll - Good test prep book for HESI A2

    The HESI A2 Study Guide begins with a test-taking strategies section that is available in the beginning of all the test prep books offered by this company. The strategies are good general strategies for keeping yourself confident and focused during any important test. For instance, predict the answer, read the whole question, look for wrong answers, don't overanalyze the questions, don't panic, go with your first instinct, look for key words, read every answer choice, and to not fall for the false belief that multiple choice tests have a pattern to the answers. There are also tips for English Language reading comprehension tests. The section offers many definitions of common English reading terms.

  • AmazonAngel58 - It really works!

    These really do work for bladder pain! I was skeptical that an over-the-counter product would provide the relief I need but was pleasantly surprised.

  • Briley - NOT GOOD FOR HAIR AT ALL!!!!

    So a friend of mine bought this for her hair from Walmart and she thought oh it tea tree oil and it cheap so why not try it, and try it she did. The very next day after putting this on her scalp to stop itchy scalp,she went from having itchy scalp to having FIRE SCALP. Her hair itched so bad that she got scratches on her head from scratching, this product may be good for other things but its not good for hair. READ THE INGREDIENTS!!!!