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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Kindle Wilson - total disappointment

    The package appeared to have been repackaged & relabeled more than once...perhaps a return? It was missing parts which required a trip to the hardware store, then only to get home and realize that they sent 2 back bars, INSTEAD of a back & front. Very disappointing as a long time Amazon customer.

  • Lexie P💕 - Sucksssssss

    Finally got my product don't know what happened anyhow, I tried it has a stinky smell almost like a funky smell of peroxide. Used it once gave me a horrible uti & yeast infection! Oh & im unable to get my "money back guarantee"

  • DAVID FU - Good but with the ps4 camera not work perfectly

    A lot of fun but with the ps4 camera you do anything and probably will will have a "perfect move".

  • S. Versteeg - Gamers can't go wrong with the FinalMouse 2015

    In search for the best gaming mouse I've done hours of research and read a lot about: polling rates, DPI, laser types, precision, weight and quality of mice. From all this searching two mice stood out: the FinalMouse and Razer's DeathAdder. I bought the FinalMouse because of it's simplicity and precision. Notice that for less money the DeathAdder is also a good pick though it's not as perfect as the FinalMouse.

  • Max McLean - Quite the best of its kind

    This is the best weight loss book since George Pell's: Towards Healing: How To Move Those Embarrassing Lumps To Another Parish. I lost 2 kilograms just by looking at the cover alone. No more sticky fingers down the throat for me; I'm going to read the contents page and the acknowledgements too and reach my ideal weight in time for the Rapture.

  • Kimberly Shumate - Vin has a true gift...

    I can't say enough about Vincent and this masterpiece of a book. I fell in love with it the first time I read it, and I love it just as much now. The nuance of depth within its text captured my immediate attention, then the sheer talent of good story-telling. I expect a long and successful writing career for Vincent, and I count it a blessing to be one of the first to find this uniquely talented writer in our midst. This is only the beginning. Way to go, Vincent!

  • TiffanyMN - Won't fit

    Got this for Christmas and it doesn't fit on my 02 X. Either I'm super dense and can't figure out something so simple....or it really doesn't fit.