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  • DaBus - Fun experiment

    This is a great kit because it gives average beer drinkers the chance to make if for themselves. I've used this to make several types of beer and some have been better than others. The best was probably the Vienna Lager. I added some extra brown sugar to that which increases the alcohol content. Turned out quite tasty. I don't think that the stock beer that comes with the kit is very good but they sell other types separately.

  • Steve - So-So

    In accordance with what some of the other reviews describe, this product only works on some scratches. The instructions offer different procedures for 4 different types of scratches. If you have a slightly more severe scratch, then you need to get touch up paint anyways. I used this on a few scratches on my vehicle (which is black...) and only one actually came out. When i say came out, I really mean that it just made it less noticeable. The only way you would notice it is if you were looking for it, but it is still there. The others show no difference. I did not use any touch up paint based on the instructions diagnosis of scratch severity, but I think I will give it a try and update this post afterwards.

  • trevia mccray - Dont Buy Weathertech

    Not even worth the money. Go invest in $20 mats and don't let ppl eat or drink in your car. The customer service is crappy and they don't back their products. Customer fit so they say for me Not True at all so I got dupped out of $120. So not Worth It. They are full of be after they get your money.

  • Aphotog - Disappointed--not a true disk image

    One would think that backup software named True Image would create an accurate image of your computer disk. But it doesn't. Buried three menu levels deep is a list of files that it excludes by default from even a disk image backup. Some like hiberfil.sys can generally be ignored without problem, but also included is the Chrome/User directory. So no Chrome cookies or user settings are restored. If Acronis is not actually making a true disk image, what else is it hiding from me? Also, I had to type my encryption password four times during a test restore before it was recognized. Maybe I mis-typed it the first time, but not twice after that. Having done more than a few restores from backup in the past 35 years, I have to have absolute trust in the backup software I use. Acronis falls far short of earning that trust.