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Caring for Cambodia (CFC) - Education in Cambodia - Caring For Cambodia is a nonprofit, non-governmental, charitable organization. Their mission is to secure a better, brighter future for the children of Cambodia

  • Educational Charity Caring for Cambodia (CFC) - Programs - Read about the programs that make Caring for Cambodia a huge success story in providing education to students in impoverished Siem Reap.
  • Educational charity Caring for Cambodia (CFC) - Volunteer - Volunteer with Caring For Cambodia (CFC), and really make a difference in the lives of our students. Get involved today.
  • Educational Charity Caring for Cambodia (CFC) - Events - Attend a Caring for Cambodia (CFC) event and help us raise money to feed and educate our students in Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • CFC - General Meeting and Volunteer Fair - Join us for our Singapore General meeting and Vounteer Fair. All Welcome! Thursday September 15th, 2016 at the REDSEA Gallery.
  • Educational Charity Caring for Cambodia (CFC) - Early Learning - Caring for Cambodia has expanded their educational curriculum to include the creation of pre-schools that teach mothers and toddlers vital skills
  • Educational Charity Caring for Cambodia (CFC) - Food for Thought - Hungry children cannot learn - Thats why Caring for Cambodia (CFC) feeds all its students a minimum of two nutritious meals a day
  • CFC at the Autumn Fair, Expat Fairs, 26 and 27 October, 2016 - CFC at the Autumn Fair, Expat Fairs, 26 and 27 October, 2016, Singapore, Raffles Town Club
  • CFC at the September Fair at the Hollandse Club, Singapore, 22 September, 2016 - CFC at the September Fair at the Hollandse Club, Singapore, 22 September, 2016
  • Volunteer. Represent CFC at Combined Federal Campaign Events across the US. - Volunteer. Represent Caring for Cambodia at Combined Federal Campaign Events across the US.

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  • Rye R - Seemed promising...stick with Gerber

    Disappointed. When product arrived the box it was in was crushed. I picked it up and the bottle fell out. They sent it in a padded envelope. Not enough protection. I've only used this product once so far. I had to shake it a lot to get it to mix. When I gave the 5 drops to my 2 1/2 month old baby I noticed there were very tiny hard balls, gritty. Uhhhh not something I want to be putting in my babies mouth. A few min after I gave the drops he spit up. Next time I'll stick with Gerber drops. More expensive but seem to be better quality.

  • James O. Wall JR. - DampRid

    I use "DampRid" in my gun closet and it is proving to be exactly what I was looking for ; I live in a place with high humidity and this product has been keeping the humidity down considerably which of coarse keeps my stress down about red rust manifesting on my guns ; a lot of people clean their guns and then rap them in a "cloth" material which , of coarse , collects moister and will start red rust on their guns within a week or so ; Before "DampRid" , I would want to clean all my guns with silicone,WD 40 or Teflon very often ; now I don't have to worry about the rust on my guns with DampRid and "that" is very reassuring .

  • ChuckChickenLegs - Starting a Small Business? Use Outright not QB

    When I started my small business, my accountant recommended QB. It looked like the #1 go-to accounting software on the market. I now hate it more than any program I've ever used in my life. Here's why...