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  • Erika H - yeѕѕѕѕ!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    wнew!! тнιѕ one'ѕ ѕoooo good!! lιaм & lιzzy (elle) are ѕo good тogeтнer!! ι really enjoyed тнeιr ѕтory & joυrney тo тнeιr нea!! read ιт!! ιғ love, a lιттle вιт oғ crιмe & a ѕнared вond are yoυr тнιng yoυ'll love тнιѕ вooĸ!! once ι ѕтarтed ι coυldn'т pυт ιт down!!

  • caru594 - So happy with the results so far!!!

    I bought this product about a month ago, and I'm already seeing results! My behind feels more full, firm and soft. I'm in love! And so is my boyfriend. This is a product that actually works, trust me. So if you need more cushion in the behind, you should definitely get this!!

  • Jacqueline - Wrong cube!

    I got it for my brother and the colors weren't the same as the picture and description. He really wanted the black side but instead it's white. He's not happy and neither am I.

  • George L. Clifton - Totally useless product. Stayed on the roof for over six months and did nothing.

    I read several reviews of the product before buying it and it was totally useless. Read the instructions and mixed the product for the strongest results. Used a garden sprayer and covered it very heavy. Left it on from August 2015 until May 2016 and it did absolutely "nothing". We ended up using TSP, clorox, and water combined in a garden sprayer. Then used a stiff brush with a floor sweeper handle to scrub it off. Did more in one day than this stuff did in over 6 months. Would not buy anything else from this company.

  • Yolanda - Best nasal irrigation system on the market

    Best nasal irrigation system on the market! Why use an old fashion nasal-pot? Those old fashion nasal pots are messy and don't do a through job. The Navage really irrigates! I can not take sinus medications so when the cold and flu season hits me, I reach for my Navage. Otherwise my sinus' stay clogged. What I like best about this irrigation system is that it is not messy, easy to use, and does a consistent job. Highly recommend!

  • Crystal S. - Definitely Worth a Shot!

    I began looking into more hygienic pillow cases because I do quite a bit of night sweating due to some medication I am taking. I wake up in the morning damp most days and the thought of a pillowcase festering with sweat-thriving bacteria is not my most pleasant thought.

  • Deana - Worthless humidity reader.

    I was thrilled to get this in the mail. I set it up in my living room away from sunlight, the wood stove, and the humidifier. The temperature tracker is spot on. The humidity tracker, which is what I bought it for, is screwy. Case in point: This morning it read that the humidity was 37 % and the icon indicated that was low. I came home this afternoon and the humidity tracker says that the humidity was 31 % and the icon indicated the level was okay. I've already changed the batteries once and this still doesn't read right. I will keep it for the temperature readout but it's worthless as a humidity reader.