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    Have a 1990 toy. celica gt with the org. rear main seal. Put 1 bottle in with a fresh oil change..The car does mainly short trips, and for first 2 weeks really no difference, but then after taking a few highway hour or so trips, it worked by the 3rd week...Rear main seal leak stopped and its been about 2 months now..So I think the key is highway speed trips to really get it to work and heat it up.....I've tried them all, and nothing worked or even came close to AT-205, some even made it worse....Will change the oil next week and use another bottle and see what happens...So far so good....

  • Blob Hammerson - Very Bland, takes catchup well

    I ordered this microwave meal and I have to say that it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I couldn't find any cooking directions on the outside so I just nuked it for about 5 minutes. It smelled like a library flood but after smothering it in catchup it wasn't unbearable. Overall I think a $4 TV dinner from 7-11 beats it. I really though such an expensive meal would be better! I gave it 2 stars for its ability to take catchup.

  • Amanda - Goodbye smell!

    This spray is good. You can smell the Apple vinegar in it. Once you spray it, there is no odor. It lasts all day. Great product. * I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.

  • Kenneth R. - Handle works fine for moving box around boat floor and such but ...

    I had to send my first box back, the USB port had problems. Second box worked as advertised. I agree with some reviews that it would really benefit the manufacture to add a user guide. It is quite a bit smarter than one would think from reviews and advertisement. Using my I phone on the USB port when you activate it using the test button the blinking blue light indicates that it is active. The advantage of using this port is it shuts off when charging is complete on the Iphone 6 anyway. Handle works fine for moving box around boat floor and such but suggest picking up with lower box handles when transporting. I like this product.

  • R. Diamond - Has saved me over $3000 Dollars so far.

    I've been a MagicJack user for a number of years now. I had become fed up with paying ridiculous phone bills just to maintain a house phone. Adding on no additional services...voice mail, call waiting, etc... I was paying an astronomical amount per month. I did Vonage for a bit but they were almost as much.