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  • Diana Dunaway - I agree with reviewer Mark Herman.....

    I agree with reviewer Mark Herman, no matter which political viewpoint you lean, understanding at least a tiny bit what Putin and Russia want to accomplish with our election....this book opens your eyes at the very least gives you the background on Putin's mindset. At this date in many things add up...and Putin would takes a lot of work to make a coincidence happen...once KGB, always KGB. Read this book with an open mind, it is no joke!

  • Andy - Very good product

    The Guide 10 Plus works as advertised and was able to recharge my iPhone 4 twice when the Guide 10 was fully charged. Took away one star as the solar panel did not live up to expectations. It was unable to fully charge the Guide 10 Plus in 8 hours of Florida sunshine.

  • n0ne - DON'T BUY!!!!

    This system at first seemed to fit my needs perfectly. The crossbars a first glance appear to be constructed well and feel sturdy. So when I started the installation with the back bar, I thought this is great! Simple to install and the bar seemed to fit perfectly and sealed well once the screws were sunk it. Then I tried installing the front cross bar. Boom! My happiness went down the drain. The mounting fixtures with the screw holes are set to close together. There is no way for the screw holes in the bar to align with the screw holes on my CR-V.

  • Red Bull - This THING must be taken out of the market

    This is such a BADLY designed toy that this is not even a toy. US must raise this in United Nations and all the freedom loving nations must pass a resolution strongly condemning it. Might even make sense to put trade embargoes against these Slinky guys. Whosoever designed this THING must hate humanity. They must be out of this world - might be even from another galaxy. I have hardly written a review of anything, but this THING really forced me to drop everything else and start writing a review. It is so poorly designed that not even NASA scientists can assemble this. Even a real radio can be created faster than assembling this thing. WHAT A RIP OFF!! Who designed this??? Forget an 8 year old - nobody, I mean nobody, regardless of any age or intelligence or expertise can assemble it. Put your money and time somewhere else.

  • Andrew M. - Delivered on day promised. Thank you. I've been ...

    Delivered on day promised. Thank you. I've been taking this product for bout 30 days prior to ordering online. I don't drink coffee anymore to get me going in the morning and seems to last all day. I think clearly and constantly add to my to do list lol...I did try to stronger iridium by perfomix and found they were too much for me, I'll stick with these...