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  • Thomas A Porter - National Parks Quarters Album

    I bought this album as a Christmas present for my adult son whom has visited many of the National Parks. While he didn't take the time while opening presents to read through much of the information, I believe he was quite pleased with the album. I read through a bit of the parks before wrapping the book and found it very interesting and the quality of the album seemed above normal. Would recommend to others.

  • Mrs,H - Smells like alcohol, shake well

    Okay, bought biosilk after hearing alot of good things about it. Was so excited to use it to do a blow out and press on my kinky coiled african american hair. First, let me disclaim that my hair, although kinky, presses fairly easily, but I wanted to get a bone straight press which is why I was trying something a little different. Anyway, when I opened the bottle and began using it, it seemed like water which confused me because I though it was supposed to be a serum. Still I kept applying it to my hair and blow-dried it. My hair seemed so dry and brittle. I also noticed that the fluid smelled like straight rubbing alcohol, but I still continued to apply it to the sections of my hair before blow-drying them. For some reason I decided to shake the bottle up to see if maybe I would get a different consistency and sure enough after I did, the fluid became a serum. All in all I don't know if this product did anything special for my hair-- it did not create a good straight press, it did not seem to leave my hair particularly moisturized either. In conclusion, I think anyone considering purchasing this item should first look at the other reviewers who swear that this product is nothing like the biosilk purchased in salons or in other stores. I looked at their reviews after purchasing, but my experience with this product were pretty much the same.

  • wyatt kokoszka - ... tune up because the power steering pump was whining terribly. Prior to

    Bought this from O'Reilly after I gave my 03 Santa Fe a tune up because the power steering pump was whining terribly. Prior to, I have tried several other manufacturers stop leaks and power steering fluid with no change. After using this power steering fluid I am more than impressed. The rack and pinion and the pump whined even when the wheel was straight and now I hear absolutely nothing. This is a thick fluid so be ready to squeeze that bottle but I would recommend this to everyone with power steering troubles. Thank you Lucas oil for a great product!

  • Brad Southard - Beware of ThreeLac and do thorough research before trying

    I just stopped taking ThreeLac because I developed a severe skin infection with a burning rash. At first I did not connect the ThreeLac to the rash. After several days it became worse and I saw a doctor who prescribed anti-biotics for the skin infection. I stopped taking the ThreeLac since I was now taking anti-biotics and decided to do an internet search for other probiotics that I could take while on the antibiotic. I came across a Holistic health care provider's website where she described her reaction to ThreeLac and many other people left comments about their experiences...most negative. I was surprised since I had read so many positive reviews and I thought that probiotics could do no harm - they would either help or do nothing so I thought. After reading through those experiences I felt weak and panicky because I realized that all my current symptoms were due to the release of a pathogenic bacteria into my bloodstream which is the last ingredient in ThreeLac: enterococcus faecalis. It is a bacteria that normally resides in our intestines, but if you have too much, of have leaky gut syndrome (as most Candida sufferers do), it can enter you bloodstream and cause all kinds of infections. Many people reported getting urinary tract infections which led to kidney infections, and most people reported feeling weak, tired, dizzy, and having other related problems. I too feel sick and weak and horrible with this rash - all my symptoms meet the those of an infection with enterococcus faecalis.

  • Jene' B. - Excellent Kit

    Vacuum kit included makes cleanup easy on my 16x48 pool. Should come standard with all above ground pool kits. I do think I paid a bit to much for mine at the time $46 but it was worth it. Should be able to use it for many years.

  • Antoinette - Magic in a tube for dry skin. Pure silk! I won't use anything else.

    I have been using this for my dry skin. I have tried SO many primers and all of them have made a patchy/flaky look to my skin. I don't even have that effect when I am not using makeup.

  • Readerholic - Here There Be Dragons!

    This is another fascinating book by Celia Kyle/Erin Tate. This book focuses on Jarek, a War Master of Preor & Melissa, a Nanny to the Ujal Royal couple. To know more about Melissa's background, it is worth reading the other books by Erin Tate, but it is not necessary, as the important details are given in the book.