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  • Kylix - Depending on your needs, this could be amazing or absolutely terrible.

    Great for everyday, generic stuff like checking emails, browsing the web, watching Netflix, etc. but not much else. The specs in this thing are very lackluster, so don't expect it to host a Plex server, run Overwatch at 120fps or edit that 4K video you just shot on your phone. It's a really great replacement for a Roku or Chromecast if you pair it with a Lenovo N5902 Multimedia remote, and it's super light and easy to travel with. Just don't expect too much out of it.

  • T. Heimerl - Great Volleyball, nice price

    I just got mine, and it was delivered on a really cold day, so it was quite deflated. Don't add air till it has warmed up if you live in the north. If I had it would not have been good, since I actually never did add any more air after it warmed up.

  • chiney b - AWSOME

    I am a perfessional nail tech and i would advise anyone to get this kit and to use this company that supplies it because they are very hospitable and there products are great i was very happy with my order what you see is what you get and it does not take long to get to you either and your able to save especially from someone like me who lives all the way in the bahamas, because an airbrush machine over here starts at about $200.00


    LOVE this TV! I was a Vizio fan for the longest time, but I have to say that this LG really is a pleasant surprise. Really good sound from the speakers (my 32" Vizio sounds like crap), and the LED display is absolutely gorgeous! It's almost edge to edge, whereas my Vizio has a bit too much bezel on it.

  • Newburgs - Great introduction

    First time reading this writer. Got the women's point of view pretty realistically. Very fast read. I will read more of his work.

  • Jess - Excellent, but a weird thing has started to happen...

    I thought this speaker was pretty great, but after about six months of regular use, I've noticed that it has started to cut off the first bit of sentences when listening to news or audiobooks, resulting in a sort of "clipped" sound. I haven't noticed this as much when listening to music. Otherwise, this thing is awesome. Great sound quality, very portable, easy to attach a carabiner, very lightweight.