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  • Syn Gunther - Just can't be totally enthused

    I decided to move to OneNote after using Evernote for about a year. I made the ENTIRE switchover, giving OneNote a fair time frame and using it exclusively to wean myself off EverNote. I just didn't like the monthly EverNote professional fee. Plus, I use all the other Office products so OneNote integrates so well with them that it made sense. But... I don't know. I just still feel lacking compared to the speed and ease of Evernote. In today's world, using our cell phones for note storage is a serious use of our resources and EverNote seemed MADE for cell phone integration and what little I've been able to do with OneNote and my Android has been clunky. I hate the thought of switching again but I am considering going back to EverNote. I might wait just a while longer to see if Microsoft improves the cell phone abilities.

  • Ashlee Griffiths - Happy with my purchase

    I bought this product at a reasonable price and ships really fast. Rogaine works, you just need to stick to it.

  • tatyana diaz - The best part is that I have an extra pair incase ...

    So much postive feedback for these! I have had many people stop me while walking in the city to compliment the color of my headphones. The best part is that I have an extra pair incase I lose these ! The sound quality is exactly like the apple headphones and the cord is long enough to for me to fit my phone in the back pocket of my jeans and to walk comfortably with.

  • Llamasaurus - Wonderful eye gel that won't goop up your eyes. Great for Blephitis sufferers.

    I suffer from Blephitis (Ocular Rosecea), which means that the base of my lower lids do not excrete tears well and my eyes feel like I have oil in them. I'm 57, so I need eye cream to smooth out the fine lines around my eyes. I have tried several brands with poor results. Within an hour, my vision is slighly blurry and filmy and my eyes feel terrible. I'm so happy I found this product. It is a lovely, soothing gel formula. I haven't even check the ingredients, but I don't think there is any oil in the product. I like the push down top, which dispenses a drop of the product, however, I think the design could be redone as I often get too much product for the eye area. But, it's nice for the little lines around your mouth, too. I'm a writer and spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Usually by the afternoon, tears from the Blephitis are running down my checks. Not anymore. I'm looking forward to trying a few other of the Baebody products. I have very sensitive skin, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Amazon Customer - Great product for $$

    K bands met my expectations and the demo videos were on target. I use them for my own gains and for the kids I coach.

  • Rolando Montao Fraire - Great Chromebook - As advertised - Must understand Chrome though...

    From a new Chromebook user: Light. Fast. Very fast. Open and work. Close and move on to something else. Practical. What I'm still learning is how to make this more practical when an Internet connection is not available. Chrome OS can be confusing at first and is so geared to being online it is strange when WiFi is not available. Keyboard completely geared to using the browser. Most everything as a browser window. But you can edit Office documents, though mainly the text and information. Excel formulas and formating will have to wait until you are at a desktop computer. It is an interesting compromise, but just the speed is worth it. Backlit keyboard on this is great. Screen is excelent, very sharp. One has to learn the Chrome keyboard which is different, but it works great and this keyboard is very good. Speakers are great. Loud and clear at least for me. Swithching to caps-lock with Alt Search-key is strange and needs to be done clearly, but works too. It is all plastic, but the look and feel is quite elegant and clean and of course there is the lightness. Almost inaudible fan turns on very occasionally. Heats up only a little at centre-rear-underside. Totaly quiet otherwise. Did I mention it is light and fast? I would reccomend studying the Chromebook keyboard and shortcuts. For offline use, learning how you can load all the tabs and documents you want first, when online then close and use at offline location. All will be there and working. All will be synched when back online. Not terribly complicated. Not a gamers, video editing or complex processing machine at all though. Think standard web browsing and simple document editing or typing. Data entry. I prepare classes with it.