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  • S. Ellis - Not suitable for Laundry use.

    Probably a very good cable in many applications, but the low melting point of silver means that these are NOT suitable for thaumatological grounding purposes in a Doh-na summoning grid. Plus, you WILL need special handling precautions if any of the grid users are werewolves.

  • Jodi - Pricey, but worth it

    I bought this curling tool just over a month ago and so far, I love it. I'll give my pros and cons, but before I do, I have thick, shoulder length, color-treated hair, so you will have to determine if it works well for you.

  • LordMetalZ28 - Great value

    For what it was the sample was great for sizing up, and understanding what needs to be done for install. also a great way to see what it will look like on your gutters, I put the sample up for a week to see how it would work mounted flat. I didn't notice any water flowing past it and when i went up after a week there was some pine needles and roof granules on the mesh, not lodged or stuck, was able to brush right off. I took away one star for looks, I tried mounting these under the shingles at an angle first but the aluminum looked horrible against my earth tone spruce and clay color scheme it was highly visible from the street so i had no choice to mount flat. I wish they came in a clay colored frame like leaf solution. I am going to buy a hundred feet regardless because lets be honest 1900$ for 75ft of leaf solution or master shield is insane when its all the same micro mesh stuff. Ill have a better review on the 100FT purchase and how it holds up winter 2014/2015. Oh btw i did that stupid master shield oil test and it did wash off eventually under my faucet as well.But seriously how much roof oils are we talking about.

  • Arturo - Would be great if it worked

    The Nest looks beautiful and sets up easily and well. One problem: It doesn't work. I have gone through two of these, spent hours on the line with customer support, and still have the same problems. The most vexing one is that it does not turn on in the morning to heat up the house. Not even in manual mode. The scheduled time says 5:45, but every morning (for more than 45 days), I have had to press "End Away" when I come downstairs to the freezing first floor. I have reset it, restarted it, replaced it, and still the same problem. Strangely, it seems to recognize other set points. One morning, for example, after I had to start it again by pressing "End Away," I set the temperature remotely to rise by an additional two degrees 30 minutes later. Presto, the temperature rose by two degrees. And yet, still, frustrating, maddeningly, annoyingly, it would not come on in the morning. There were other problems as well. During one learning cycle, it decided that the heat should come on at 12 noon, even though we are all awake by 630am and no one is usually in the house at noon (at least during the week). It never seems to recognize that anyone is in the room unless you stand right in front of it and wave your hand. Quite simply, it doesn't do what it claims to do. If this is a "learning" thermostat, it gets an F.

  • Kylie Zeigler - Sad but true.

    I love the scent. The conditioner is sticky and doesn't hydrate as much as I'd like. The shine cream doesn't give me any shine at all. I'm not trying to be picky or anything.. I've been using Fekkai for a couple years now, but quite honestly I don't see a difference when I switched back to cheaper shampoos and conditioners. In fact, joico has been my go-to rescuer when it comes to hydration, smell, softness and shine. Not worth the money. All you're paying for is the name.

  • Lisa S - Help for Unique Organizations

    I am fairly new to bookkeeping and completely new to QB. I am the office personnel for a rural church. Our needs differ from most businesses. Our purpose and our tax regulations don't fit the mold of a typical non-profit foundation either. These unique differences make the bulk of the training videos and manuals very tedious and confusing to adapt in a practical way. I could not have deciphered and used the product without the amazing techs that are available, patient, kind, enjoyable, and efficient. They have taught me the best way to accomplish my goals. I did watch the videos and have a manual and they have been very helpful, but the final breakthroughs usually come with the help of a tech.

  • ZanderSaid - Fun Read

    I love looking at all of the stupid records out there and see the people who actually cared enough to go after the record. Very entertaining indeed!