Bioxcel - Pharma Analytics | Healthcare Analytics | Big Data Analytics Solutions for Healthcare - BioXcel is a pioneer in cloud based pharma big data analytics solutions for Healthcare. Our proprietary Big Data Innovation Lab facilitates the design, discovery, development and commercialization of new disease treatments across multiple therapeutic areas.

  • Pharmaceutical R&D - Integrating Specific Analyses of Medical, Scientific and Health Economic Data - An aging population and increasing healthcare costs have crystallized the need for safe, efficacious and cost-effective medicines for treating chronic and acute diseases across major therapeutic areas
  • Oncology and Immuno-Oncology Suite for Hematological Malignancies - The challenge facing the pharmaceutical industry is that cancer therapeutics require optimization across 30+ different solid tumors and hematological malignancies .
  • Orphan Diseases | Pharm GPS TM Orphan Disease Suite | Bioxcel - PharmGPSTM Orphan Disease Suite innovates by integrating analyses of known molecular, biochemical, medical and epidemiological knowledge sets across these diseases, enabling the discovery, development, licensing and commercialization of product concepts based on disease severity, gene ontology, pathways, proteinopathy, standard of care, emerging innovation, enabling technologies and drug pipeline.
  • Repurposing and Reformulation| 505(b)(2) | Robust Innovative Portfolio of Reformulation 505 (b) 2 & Repurposing | PharmGPSTM - The industry faces a growing challenge of higher regulatory hurdles in developing novel therapeutics in complex, chronic, and rare diseases.
  • Platform Enabled partnerships for Active pharmaceutical Ingredients - BioXcel’s Big Data Innovation Lab for the ideation and development of novel therapeutics, repurposing of under utilized assets and reformulation of existing marketed drugs (active pharmaceutical ingredients).

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  • Amazon Customer - These balls are great unless you buy them from Clickamin

    These balls are great unless you buy them from Clickamin. Clickamin will fraudulently ship you the less expensive version of this ball while displaying the better version and charging the premium price. Buyer beware make sure you do not buy from Clickamin.

  • Mom of Two - I love this with my Flip Belt

    I love this with my Flip Belt. It stays in place. It is not cumbersome or uncomfortable when running.

  • Jennie Grace - My Summer Experiment

    I have had the very best "experiment" going this summer after I read the "Earthing" book. I would say it has changed my life significantly. As suggested in the book, I have made a conscious effort to make more direct contact with the EARTH--either by barefooting it or sitting on the ground, etc. I am sleeping so well it is down right scary! Last night-7 1/2 hours without even going to the bathroom! (Haven't had one of those little sleep-aids in a month now.) Besides that, the inflammation in my body in the form of aches and pains in the arthritic areas has been greatly reduced. I have become a true believer in this theory.

  • NCWA renewal attendee - annual writers guide

    Every writer, agent, critiquer, publisher, copy editor needs to buy tis book annually, It has been a resource for any years, and I have bought it every year.

  • Jdeo - Awesome idea, works great!

    My 3 year old got the hang of this within a couple days. His biggest concern was to see that the light really would turn green at some point. When he saw that, he took right to it.

  • Gamora - Top of the line

    Not cheap plastic. Tons of options. Almost overwhelming for a newbie like me. If your not in it.... It will sit collecting dust. Not really a game.

  • Amazon Customer - Great software

    New features make it easier to use then the older version of publisher. Not sure why they couldn't email the key card. Did have to wait for it in mail which was waste of there money.