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  • VTMom - Great seat for a colicky or fussy baby!

    My son hated his swing and would barely give me 10 minutes in it. Finally, after 12 weeks without much respite during the day I looked up the Mamaroo on a recommendation. After watching the video I immediately bought it and even paid for express shipping. From the first moment my son was in it, he loved it! Thank goodness! I also love that this seat has a much lower profile and is more compact than a swing, fitting more easily in my living room. Can't say enough good things, especially for a colicky baby.

  • mashocase - Best floss I have found!!

    I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist in Ma. For 33 years and I love what I do! I had read reviews on a Dental Hygienist only website and they were all good , so I ordered 3 packages of it. I am using it at home and at work on my patients. This floss is wonderful! It smells pleasantly of coconut, is easy to grasp, the coconut oil makes it easy to glide between the teeth and does not shred or break! My patients have given me positive feedback 100%. I refer them to Amazon to purchase it. Thank you for a great new product!


    its too early too tell how good this will be.. my son helped me program some of it based on the programs in the device. However, i dont see how to include Cinemax, Showtime, National Georgraphic, TBS,, AHC(military channel) and other good ones ...i guess ill be calling them.

  • joanne - Good Stuff...

    I love this formula, however, it seemed like I ran out of it much sooner than I normally do (I bought this before at another retail store and therefore was able to compare.) I don't think I'd buy this again unless the price was cut in half, because that's all I felt I got in this bottle, half.

  • Robert R. - Great case for a great phone

    Awesome case. I love the cut edges versus the rounded edges. It feels sturdy in my hands, fits the iPhone 7 Plus perfect, and has a great clear back to showoff the new matte black phone. Doesn't add too much bulk to the phone.