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  • GinaBrown - Cruel invention

    The maker of this product failed to realize how communicative squirrels are. You are guaranteed to catch one squirrel. Problem is, that squirrel will be bloody as if frantically tries to get out of the cage. Each time I found one squirrel in the trap, bloody of course, and surrounded by 15 to 20 of his squirrely buddies trying to help him out! I regret throwing the box away as soon as I bought it, or it would have been returned. Cruel and horrid contraption!

  • Jessica B. - very nice

    I received this hair loss prevention therapy about a week ago in the mail. The hair therapy was nicely packaged and sealed and avoided any damage or tampering during its shipment. The hair loss therapy also arrived quickly thanks to amazon prime and the speedy processing of the seller. I personally have hair loss due to thyroid issues and pcos. As i get older the more and more it falls out and becomes brittle and is very prone to breakage. This hair loss therapy was awesome. and very easy to use and not very time consuming. I massaged the packet of the hair therapy in my damp hair and placed the shower cap on it. I left it on longer than the minimum because of the damage i have. The scent is nice and wasnt overwhelming. The mask is very thick much more thicker than normal conditioner. I personally did it at night so my hair wasnt looking oily after i washed it in the morning. It really does not take long at all and after i rinsed it out my hair was so soft! It also seemed much more healthy looking and less frizzy. So far the mask has really made my hair look great and i think the results will continue to get better as i use the product about once a week or two. As for the mask helping with hair loss it is hard to tell until further long term use happens but so far its great for my hair.

  • Annie Bell - Worth the wait...

    Not my favourite edition of this series, but very entertaining. I really wonder how much of the selection process is political because a few of these stories , I think, sucked...or were insulting to the stories of quality..I still enjoyed it fully. I am pretty low maintenance.

  • Steve G - Amazing flavor and aroma

    I found this kcup at the Starbucks in my local Target. I recently discovered the Xmas and Anniversary blends the same way. Both are great blends. When I saw the box of Casi Cielo, I grabbed it...had to give it a try. The box said dark chocolate notes and lemon. That was a bit odd - I love citrus and chocolate together (dark chocolate & orange are a flavor combo from heaven) but I wasn't swooning over the idea of the lemon combo. Anyway, I am adventurous when it comes to coffee so I plopped down my $12.95 for a box of 12 (a bit pricey but still only $1.20 per cup and cheaper than Amazon). I brewed a cup that night and now I have a new favorite flavor. You can REALLY taste the dark chocolate coming through and there is just a hint of citrus...not really lemony at all. This coffee is great's really incredible. Obsidian has now been bumped to #2! I do love Target for kcup shopping - in addition to Starbucks and Obsidian, they now stock Gevalia and Maxwell House kcups!

  • Share & Remember - Helped me get to sleep faster

    Occasionally I need a little help so I can get quality sleep. I like that this product is just for sleep - not for pain relief or for allergies - just sleep. I felt it was mild and helped me fall asleep faster. I was able to sleep and wake normally, with no draggy feeling the next day.

  • Sara - Stopped receiving audio on second use...

    I wanted this work so badly but I had to return it after less than a week. I wanted to use my nice around the ear headphones with my satellite receiver, which is only 10-12 ft from the the couch. I use this feature all the time with a pair of Bluetooth headphones I already own, and they work great, but they can be uncomfortable after an hour and a half or so.