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  • Richard W. Baker - All in all its a great

    Met the need, flimsy metal, very little room behind tv whole on wall to allow cords to bend, need to take off wall to pug anything in, my 65" makes it very difficult.

  • Book Worm - I love my Moov device and the app

    I love my Moov device and the app. I use it for the running metrics mainly to increase my cadence. It provides verbal and visual feedback during the run on my headphones and phone. The app calculates other key metrics as well for later viewing. It was all the more upsetting when I lost the Moov core when it slipped out of the ankle strap at the end of a run. I contacted the support team and heard back quickly with an offer for a steeply discounted replacement core with the improved ankle band. Well worth it.

  • Bethann Dotson - One of the Best Things for Tummy Time

    This is wonderful. I just inflated the border, filled the mat with tap water (not too full so there is plenty of room for movement) and sealed it with the plug. I put my grandbaby on his tummy and the enjoyment for both of us began. He laughed as he tried to push and grab the fish and stars that float around in the mat. I feel he was being stimulated, and challenged. There are a lot of colors and every time he moved it created fun and excitement for both of us. It's easy to clean, if anything gets on it, and it's easy to store, (just let the water out) and fold it. .It is great visual and tactile stimulation. It says it is for babies 6 months and up but my grandson is only 2 months old and I put him on a boppy pillow and as will all babies he moves his hands and arms about. When it inadvertently hits the mat he watches the fish move about. I never leave him alone while he is using it. I recommend this for anyone with a baby around, I will be purchasing more as gifts. Everyone who has seen it loves it. I received a discount for my unbiased review.

  • AmazonBuyer - Great product

    Purchased this for my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have to say it definitely helped better the look of my Jeep. They custom paint the color of the fin which is a perfect match! Have to say I love the product and easy installation, took about 5 minutes to install!

  • Amish Ninja - Creepy, but effective

    It's a rare thing these days when products actually deliver on their claims. This is one hell of a creepy item, well, yah, all fun and games aside, it's creepy as hell. But, strangely, it works. Wish I knew about this long ago for my older children.

  • April Leeman - Refurbished in a bad way because it does not work properly

    Doesn't heat up properly. The paint is scratched. I DO NOT think this was new. I think it is used and refurbished. Refurbished in a bad way because it does not work properly.

  • Ivy E. - Pleased

    I ordered this to help me taper off of Zoloft (taken for anxiety) and to help manage my anxiety without prescription medication. Even with very slow tapering I was having terrible withdrawal symptoms. So bad I couldn't function. After one day taking this I felt better. I have high hopes that this will help me manage my anxiety. Once the Zoloft is fully out of my system.