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  • X. Liu - Buy the official guide

    HUGE WARNING FOR THOSE TAKING THE NEW GRE. The only review book you should really purchase is the Official Guide. Since it is a new test, Kaplan actually has no idea what the new questions are like.

  • Mike Armes - This is your Captain speaking: Do not eat the red Gummy Bear. You'll be sorry.

    Before a company goes public, the highest level executives embark on a multi-city tour with their investment bankers to drum up support for the upcoming IPO. This trip is called a roadshow and since the group will typically visit dozens of cities on a tight schedule, a private jet is the preferred means of transportation. During a roadshow, it's not unusual to visit two or three cities in a single day so work starts at the crack of dawn. That doesn't mean the group goes to bed early. Every night, the bankers treat their clients to a wild nights, complete with complimentary Gummy Bears and coffee. No matter how hard the group parties the night before, the private jet will lift them off to their next destination very early the next morning.

  • Dan Zickus - I like this because there is no come down or crash

    1 or 2 of these always picks me up and has me ready to go. I take my brand name prescription adderall xr 30mg in the morning and 1 cap of HD around lunch. I try to take 3 sips of braggs apple cider vinegar whenever possible throughout the day as well. I don't take this every day tho. Only when I need it.