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  • Jessica - I love Sweet Sweat

    I love Sweet Sweat! I work out at least 5 times a week and work up a pretty nice sweat but with sweet sweat, I am ALWAYS dripping with sweat. I love the smell and I feel like it really works. Don't expect to be rubbing this on and do nothing and expect to have a nice flat, hour glass waist. It doesn't work that way. You need to work out to lose weight but with that being said, this will help you sweat in those areas that are stubborn. If you just want to sweat some more in the waist area, add it on and wrap yourself up with a belt and you will be drenched with sweat by the end of your workout.This stuff is amazing.

  • Joel Berkshire - CHANGED MY LIFE TOO!!!

    I'm going to do my best to keep this short. I lived a pretty blissful life for about 24 years it was really chill. I had been in a car wreck and was having pain everyday so i took too much ibuprofen which led to ulcers and anxiety and a miserable life by 25. My mind was in a ditch with the health problems. Finally i had worked my way back to almost rid myself of all anxiety through meditation and other little things but i always had that extra anxiousness feeling when i didn't want it. I took a # of supplements and even started juicing and nothing made me feel quite right. Then one day i was in the store and i look up and see CALM in big letters and ever since I started taking it I have my bliss back at 27! This stuff is a miracle product!!

  • B. Harris - Quicken uninstall works well

    The primary reason I downloaded the application was because my credit union exports to .QIF files. (I thought it would be easy to keep the balances up to date.) Unfortunately, after installing the program... running the import... the file import is "not supported for checking, savings, credit card, [etc., etc.] accounts". Then... why would a bank export my *checking account* balance into .QIF files in the first place?

  • Weston - Updated review: headphones no longer work after 3 uses

    Update: I have used these headphones for three times and today will using them I hear a voice prompt stating they are out of range even though my phone was in my pocket. These no longer sync to my phone.

  • Isabel Cohen - Birthday Gift

    Our grandson asked us to buy this for his 9th birthday. He loves to watch wrestling, and he received it on his birthday.