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    Country:, Europe, DK

    City: 12.5655 Capital Region, Denmark

  • Jake - good enough for $30

    definitely the best hunting video game i have played. the top shot takes getting used to but does work better than without. only problem is you get tired of holding the gun up for very long.

  • Amazon Customer - If you have an older GFX card, you might want to wait until they patch a crashing issue.

    The three stars isn't my rating for the game, it's just a warning. My actual rating would be 4.5, but I haven't experienced much of the game.

  • Grateful Grandma - A Beautiful Christmas Romance.

    My Christmas reading season begins with Debbie Macomber's Christmas romance. I look forward to them every year. They are a light, happy read that you can read in a day or so and end up smiling and feeling good. The holiday reading season has now begun. Other reviewers have described this book as a Hallmark Movie and that is right on. The ones where you cuddle up under a blanket with a hot chocolate or a Bailey's coffee and just enjoy. The plot was fun and light, although somewhat predictable. The idea of trying to get someone out of their funk or grouch by "Killing them with Kindness" is a great theme and idea for this book.

  • Amazon Customer - What went wrong with America.

    Its the true story, author and POTUS come from somewhat similar beginnings but one chooses the path of freedom and liberty, yet the the chooses the left and big government while embracing Marxist-Leninist concepts. It is not a strange thing to expect that our government conducts itself in a constitutional matter, after all, it has worked...for the most part just fine. Some in Washington D.C. have supporters among the population who would like to destroy America, why that is, I do not know but I CAN tell you that having lived behind the iron curtain that communism and the left is not the answer to any of our problems, real or perceived.