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  • Amazon Customer - now he knows

    Bought this for a Christmas gift for our boss....he has said he really enjoyed reading it. He said it kept his interest and was great that it was a short read for each story.

  • Brandy W. Baker - VERY Tasty and Mixes Well

    I would like to lose weight and am going to try protein shakes with exercise and a high protein, low refined carb diet. I like shakes and found the shakes or powder you can get at the market to be overly sweet and not very filling. The ViSalus flavor is "Sweet Cream"- not really vanilla, but more like a basic ice cream base. It serves as a great "vehicle" for fruit or cocoa to be added. It is not chalky or grainy. I BLEND with 8 oz. of skim milk, a cup of fruit, a cup of ice, 1 tsp of flaxseed oil and 1 tsp of Benefiber. I will add cocoa and or/natural, NSA peanut butter depending on flavor and caloric goal. It is very good and very filling. (I tried with a mixer bottle, and found I am not as satiated without the fruit and blended ice. Still, it does mix well.) I am not reviewing based on efficacy of ViSalus as a weight loss product, because I find that the results are often based on the person and not on the product. This is a delicious product and very versatile. I prefer buying it on Amazon. I am not going to sign up on the Body by Vi website because it is a multi-level marketing enterprise and I have no use for being emailed about "opportunities" or reduced pricing for autoship. I am also fluent enough in protein shakes that I don't need their site for access to recipes (many of which can be Googled or found on Pinterest). Still, if you are into that, then it might be worth it.

  • Kindle Cinder - A little light against the compitition

    Not as detailed nor informative as I expected. Seems to talk around a subject intead of presenting facts.