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  • Guadalupe - Useful

    It helped me a lot with my science class, it has good articles and nice images that call kid's attention.

  • D. Mancino - Works on 'poop breath'.

    I have a dear loved one who had the dreaded 'poop breath' issue and this was the only thing that really worked on it. Use this stuff with tongue-brushing and flossing and you will see a vast improvement in a day or so.

  • Melissa D. Martin - facial peel

    best product ever!!!!! would recommend to anyone who is wanting to renew there skin..product smells great and leaves the skin feeling anew...A+++++++

  • D-mom - Not my cup of tea

    The story was rushed, there was not enough depth to really get to know the characters and not enough background to pull the story together. Some of it was comically far fetched (I know, I know, it's a fantasy story but seriously, a secret island where it's nighttime constantly with slaves and massive treetop modernized penthouses???)

  • Susan C - Still a little on the fence with this one, but no complaints

    No jitters at all. Good appetite suppression. Still waiting to see any detoxing effects. I use 2 packets daily. Kind of an icky taste and a little gritty, but with a little MIO flavoring and frequent stirring/swirling, I've acquired a tolerance.

  • Steven Hirshberg - This Works

    Apply twice a day and you'll be brushing a thick mop of new hair in a few months. This 5% solution has worked very well together with my 5 mg Finasteride taken daily for prostrate health.

  • Alroch - Very Good Product

    Fits perfectly, works great and now I can get the car in the garage without scraping the antenna on the door.