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  • Kris - Saved me hundreds

    I read probably every review from Amazon, Home Depot, lowes, YouTube, every review and video I could find I read and watched. Follow the instructions, and use the products they tell you to use, and you will not have any problems. Allot of reviews complained about the strong smell. I bought a double fan, and used it as exhaust in my window, I also wore a respirator, and smelled nothing at all with the respirator on. I kept my bathroom door shut, and had the fan on high. It's a cheap $22 double fan from Walmart that really didn't blow much air to begin with, but worked great to carry the fumes out. The fumes did not travel through my house at all, so the fumes were not a problem for me at all. I used this for a neo angle shower base and the shower walls. I had the perfect amount to do 3 coats. I can say that when you go back to do the 2nd and 3rd coats, they seem to dry much faster than the 1st, so you have to work faster. I did make the mistake of going over one small area after it started drying and peeled a small quarter size area off. I let it go and waited to cover it on the 3rd coat. You can't even tell where it was. I am very happy with this purchase, my shower looks 100% better, nice and clean and bright white. This product saved me $400 and that makes me very happy. Even with tape I still managed to get some on my floor, but it was easily removed with goo gone. I also plan on doing my kitchen with rustoleum cabinet and counter transformations. After working with this product, I know my kitchen is going to look gorgeous! Save yourself hundreds and get this product, if you follow the instructions, you will not have a problem at all. STIR!!!! Stir allot, I had to stir more than the recommended 2 minutes. If you pull the stir stick out and have the clear liquid sitting on the top, keep stiring. I think some of the issues may have been from not being mixed well enough. Stir slow, and stir it up good. You will have a beautiful new tub or shower in just a few hours with no plumbing experience required. Love it!

  • Amazon Customer - Over the counter natural cures

    Shane Ellison is "The People's Chemist" online. You can sign up for his emails and receive news regarding how bad 'big pharma' is. His book was written in 2009 and read that this book is very good because now he is just out to selling his goods.

  • Brian - Not reliable, and no support.

    Use Caution with this product, it seems to be backing up files just fine, however the interface says my last back up is yesterday at (time) however the backup drive was been removed for 2 weeks. A quick check of the files shows no access in 2 weeks. So don't rely on the application to report when you backups took place. Paying for support is required after 30 days, the for forums don't let you post. So your on your own unless you pay per incident.

  • Belaleah - Disappointing

    I bought this specifically to clean a few small glass vases which had built up a film from being used over the years. I tried repeatedly to clean them with the CLR. They look a little better than they did but certainly nothing like the nice clear glass I had hoped for.