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  • Tony - Great item

    I was looking for a new butter to use when I came across this one. The current one I am using is not as smooth and was looking for something a little smother so I tried this one out and I love this item. It goes on very nice and also smells very good. It easy to apply and easy to use and does not leave a greasy feeling after applied. I would recommend this item to you if your in the market for an item like this!

  • Yvette Gilliam - This stuff sux

    It worked for 1 day and then the odor returned. I ended up using a home remedy that was not only effective but much, much cheaper. I found a site that offered to rememdies to remove cat urine odor in my rug. The first was to mix white vinegar and water, 50-50. The second was to mix peroxide, baking soda, and a few drips of dish washing detergant. I did both remedies, one after the other, and although to smell was a bit poignant and my son had to sleep with me for a night becuase of the smell and the chill in the room, it worked and the smell hasn't returned. This neutralizes the amonia in the urine crystals permanently.

  • Bryan Nagle - Three stars but works.

    The product works well. I gave it 3 stars because the foam double sided adhesive pulls apart and I needed to use super glue to secure them to the car.

  • Shelly Sharp - They have had many struggles in their lives but yet they are still very caring people with a great family and they have never bl

    This is a very inspirational story about a very inspirational couple. They have had many struggles in their lives but yet they are still very caring people with a great family and they have never blamed anyone for anything gone wrong in their lives but praised God for all their blessings. Great book!

  • Quang Nguyen - A great way to collect quarters

    I collected all 50 state coins and I'm glad this company made this National park book. The back is a little thin and the paper can tear if you're too aggressive and the cardboard can bend as you put in the quarter.