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  • Fashion Blawger - Helps fade spots faster than vitamin C

    I have sensitive skin so I don't make it a habit to try and trust things that are more than one ingredient and new to my skin. But I am glad I gave this cream a shot. It is not a miracle worker by any means but it may very well do a miracle :-) But when I first started using it I could not get the product to work. The design seemed cool but when I'd push down the top the cream would not come out. It got so annoying that I'd just open the top (removing the white pump top) to use it. Then one day I realized that the center air hole (which causes the pump to work) was not breathing. There was a gummy little plastic piece (that you are probably supposed to remove). Once I removed the obstruction, the pump worked! But I'm not sure it'll work through the end of the product because there is no tube going down to the bottom of the container. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A PRODUCT WITH THIS PUMP DESIGN. I'll post a pic/video of it whenever I finally use my first one up.

  • Brian Powell - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2016

    I love my 2016 Rubicon. It lets me go places like no other vehicle. I purchased the Red 2-door Wrangler Rubicon and have added numerous upgrades. There never seems to be a limit to the amount of customization.

  • Myra Gamble - Llewellyn's 2016 datebook

    I just love this little date book not only for keeping up with certain things but for all the information that is in it!

  • Willyblues - Unpaid review

    I bought this in February, still a little in bottle, wish I had, and just did, bought an 8 oz bottle. I have scars, pimples, etc. No dandruff still I'd rather use this then latest, hottest, newest, much overpriced Head & Shoulders or any other! I wasn't given anything, just the facts Ma'am!

  • Robert Ross - Was a little disappointed in the book

    Was a little disappointed in the book. I've had the bible series in the past for Framemaker and it provided more detail than this one did. Lacks in detail for customizing the ribbon and the indexing is excessive (points to pages non-relevant pages). Maybe good for a novice user but not detailed enough for advanced.