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  • Bugehoobies - Durable, simple, un-obtrusive and well made.

    A great pocket knife. Fits well in my pocket, very un-obtrusive, I use it every day. Very durable/sturdy. The blade-launcher takes some getting-used to. It's not spring assisted, but I can get the blade all the way to lock position with the flick of my finger now. It's a very simple knife, just the knife, flat-blade, phillips and the carabiner/bottle opener; no useless add-ons that just add bulk. Love it.

  • Patrick Ramirez - Nephilim,along with the Wicked,Destroyed during flood of Noah's Day

    I wonder how many know that there is some truth to the story of Hercules? Here are the truths: Hercules did indeed have a godlike father. Zeus? The bible account says at Gen 6:1,2 that the Son's of the true God (Angels) began to notice that the daughters of men were Beautiful, so they began taking wives. Verse 4 starts to describe the Nephilim, the sons who were born to these Angels.they were the Mighty men of old times the Men of Fame. These Nephilim were Hybrids, not normal. God did not intend for Angels to mate with women. Not Natural. see JW.ORG info

  • Solga - Not a very Happy Camper

    I had a crash on the program with a down load from my bank. The program only locked up on the one account that I was down loading at the time. It would not re set. Spent an hour on line typing to tech support with no luck. (they instructed me as if I was a computer wiz, which I am not) There was no one to call because it was a weekend. I spent another hour trouble shooting and good think I had a clean back up. Re installed the program and backed up with my clean copy and I am so far back in business, I will have to wait until the next down load from my bank to see if I am out of the woods. The error was sent to Intuit and I hope they fix it. This is the only problem I have had with Quicken in many years. The program is not cheep and you would think that it should work and convert to operate with banks properly. WAIT AND SEE!