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  • Mavis Shanks - Better than a mechanic

    I have a 12 year old Lazer Z mower that was running rough and wouldn't hardly start. I thought the engine was wearing out. A trip to small engine place actually did nothing. Then i starrted reading about ethanol and the damage it causes to small engines especially.

  • Dorothy Vannoy - Good straightening brush

    This straightener works fairly well, it does straighten my shoulder length hair rather quickly and with seemingly less damage than with a traditional flat iron. My only complaint is that I really can't get much of a style with it, it's either straight, with a slight bend under or up, but no potential for any sort of waves like I can get with my flat iron. Plus there are a couple of cowlick waves near my hairline that I have to go over several time to straighten out. Other than that, it gets hot quickly. Oh and the way the buttons are positioned on the brush makes it very easy to accidentally turn the heat up or down if you push them while naturally holding the brush. It would've made more send to have them on the top of the brush underneath the temp indicator.