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  • Josh - they are all dumb. Sure

    I've been using a straight razor and there products for almost two years now. At first I used the pre shave oil but I found it to dry out and it made the shave harder to glide over, so I just use the shaving cream and after shave cream. I read some of the one star reviews which I found all justifiable, they are all dumb. Sure, maybe the product isn't as great as it was but I can tell you it's still 10x better than what you find at Wal Mart, the products are alcohol free and I found my skin is much more healthy and it grows in even. There is a little bit of a downside to this, here it comes. Using a safety razor like I do is a little more time consuming if you want it done right, which I enjoy. Steam up the bathroom, lather up that so called watered down product (1 star reviews implying gillete gel is better) and study up on how your beard grows in. I'm sure there are better products but the art of shaving is a great stepping stone. I will never go back to a Mach 3 turbo and there new swivel design, is that suppose to improve my shave? $16 for four cartridges? Merker blades are $12 I believe? It's.a no brainer.

  • Bama - Great Looking hair

    This works so well, my daugher used mine and liked it so much that I oreder this for her. She said it is the best stuff she has ever used.

  • M Peters - Rick Steve's books are really good on the tourist part

    Rick Steve's books are really good on the tourist part. Not strong on accommodations and other things but I guess that's why we have the Internet. I just raise it to 4 stars.