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  • jinx_nm - Huge Hidden Problem!

    I was enthusiastic to save money with Magic Jack Plus, and I was pleased with the call quality until I learned of a huge hidden issue. A client of mine tried to call me from a business that has a large phone network, and for whatever reason their phone number is not displayed by caller ID. Instead of ringing straight through, she heard a tacky Magic Jack ad followed by a message that her call could not be completed. When I contacted Magic Jack to learn how I could change this setting, they offered no alternative. I told them that this was a deal breaker for me, so they told me how to cancel service. This could be a huge issue for anyone who receives calls from large businesses, institutions, or friends and family members that have restricted numbers (as some people in law enforcement do for their own protection). If I do not want to answer an unidentified call I prefer to receive it, let it go to voicemail, and then call the person back if it is legitimate. Not receiving important calls, or worse yet looking tacky to clients are real business killers. I wish I had known in advance, so I felt compelled to let others know to save them the inconvenience of buying the unit and service and then cancelling.

  • R.Chevalier - Easy to carry.

    Used this cooler to make trips from the RV down to the river for few hours of RR. Its a little smaller than I expected, but still worked out for the good. Was able to get a 12 pack in there with some ice.

  • JayRey - Not an iPhone 7 tempered glass, it's an iPhone 6

    I bought this item thinking that it was an iPhone 7 tempered glass and when I installed it the speaker next to the front camera was somewhat cut off. When I tried the tempered glass in my iPhone 6 it fit perfectly fine. This is an iPhone 6 tempered glass and not an iPhone 7, the indent on the top of the glass is for the iPhone 6 sensors

  • JDUBS - it was a good video with a good instructor so I anticipate doing ...

    I can see why this is a Beginner Kickboxing video, however, be prepared for the cardio! Thank Goodness it was only 30 minutes. However, it was a good video with a good instructor so I anticipate doing this one again.