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  • G. P. - I hoped to get a working one but...

    I found the reviews of this product were bipolar: either they love it or the product is not properly working after first use. I was hoping my purchase to fall into the former, but unfortunately, it did the latter. I am returning this product. Too bad.

  • Carl Kirstein - I agree with the other millions of people who loved it

    Goldratt makes production management and optimization easily accessible with this detective novel. I could not put it down when I started reading it and learnt enough about the theory of constraints (and common errors in senior management) to use in my own work environment

  • Erin Stokes - Awesome space saver vacuum bags!!

    I've used a couple different space saving compression bags that don't have the pump, and honestly, they're ok for some things, but not for my sheets and comforters, coats, and sweaters. I was so excited to try these vacuum space saver bags by California Basis. Shipping was fast and I received a box of a 15 vacuum bag bundle with a manual pump. There's 1 jumbo bag, 3 XL bags, 4 large bags, 4 med, 2 suitcase roll ups, and 1 small roll up bag. These things are great. They're great quality, nice and thick, and work perfect for my sweaters, scarves, hats, coats, blankets, etc,. The vacuum pump really gets your items to a manageable size so I can store them without using a bunch of space. I can store my winter items in my storage bin and my bedding under the bed which is great because my closet isn't packed full. I don't have to worry about moisture, these bags protect your items from mold, mildew, bacteria, dust, moisture, and keep your clothes like new. It's so easy to travel using these bags too. Even the pump fits great into your luggage bag. I highly recommend these. Easy to use, and very convenient, a great way to organize. These would make a great gift. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review and my opinions are my own.

  • Melissa - I have always had TERRIBLE razor burn everywhere

    I have always had TERRIBLE razor burn everywhere, to the point I just never shaved. My family has noticed that I'm wearing shorts and capris more since purchasing this! Completely worth the price, definitely purchasing it for life.

  • Toni Lea Combs - collection topper

    Wonderful addition to my collection of books by Diana. The Outlander series follows the books so closely, it is very refreshing compared to all other books made to movies or series. The characters come alive exactly as I had imagined them!