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  • Scubanut - All registry cleaners are SNAKE OIL

    Per Microsoft and personal experience, registry cleaner software similar to this one are unnecessary at a minimum and may result in an inoperable system in a worst-case scenario. I've recently been experiencing random system lockups on my Dell workstation and I accidentally contacted some online help service that said they could fix the problems with my registry and other *embedded files* (whatever those are) for a fee ranging anywhere from $150 to $450. They would magically solve all my problems. Just so you know, I have 25 years of Information Technology experience that includes operating systems and hardware repair. Running the Dell hardware diagnostics (press F12 at system boot and select diagnostics) resulted in a consistent system lockup when memory was being tested. Keep in mind that Dell diagnostics does not invoke the Windows operating system, so any claims by those who seek to profit from you that your operating system or your registry is corrupt are likely to be nonsense. They will use fear tactics and technical jargon to confuse you that your system is on the verge of a major breakdown and you better let them fix your problems before things get worse. In my case, a hardware error is the root of the problem and Dell is working with me to solve the problem. I am not saying that operating system problems never happen...they do. There may be a number of causes for system slowness or random lockups ranging from bloatware that you may have downloaded from the Internet, a virus that is on your PC, or driver problems. Engage your hardware vendor or Microsoft before you waste your money on software like this.

  • C. L. - Worth the money.

    I have rosacea and I'm 47. This product was recommended to me a few years ago and so far it is the only product I have found that gently cleanses without stripping my skin. This and the camomile lotion is all that I need and my skin calms down. Does not leave you skin dry.

  • Jim Kirker - and they work great. Shifting is very smooth

    I did a lot of research on this part. I bought 2 of then for solenoid A and B in my 2003 Ford Focus 16V auto trans, and they work great. Shifting is very smooth, and that hesitation going around corners and hitting the gas has disappeared. The auto trans was slipping out of 4th gear into neutral.

  • Frank C - SimpliSafe, great DIY Home Security

    I have had SimpliSafe for a little over a year now and I am pleased to say that I've been very happy with it. Installation and setup was a breeze, took less than 30 minutes. You can build your own custom setup as it's easily expandable and affordable. No complaints here.

  • theodore m fox - Ready to roll

    It is great to read about old characters that we all loved and miss. Hopefully the next novel will have more of are favorites. Eden. Needs a baby. Have loved all Your seal books are you ever going to do a book on Natasha and king ?have read some more then once. What happened to Decker and Tracy? Jewels and Robin max and Gina? Some of your saying can stay with a person long time. There is no such thing as an underwater elf, game on. Can"t wait to read more!!!!!!

  • Stephen Ruback - It helps for what seems to be a necessary evil ...

    It helps for what seems to be a necessary evil and is cheaper than the competition. It actually is simple to use and does all the calculations error free. The most important thing for anyone with a business is the ready availability of all the forms needed. No more trips or special efforts to find some odd form.