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  • P.G. - Great raft!

    This is a great raft. Very big & spacious. Lots of fun! It doesn't come with a ladder, so it can be hard to get on for some people. Our neighbors had one & bought a ladder, which made it a little easier. If I had to say it needed any kind of improvement, it would only be that I think a smaller, flat raft that is either attached by rope or one that is actually part of the raft as an extension would be much easier. (Almost like a "landing".)

  • Molly Minx - Buy these right now!

    This brush set is significantly better than I thought it would be. Like 5 stars is not enough. I have bought three other products from this brand. The brush set was the catalyst but I have yet to be disappointed. The brushes do not feel like synthetics and give a very smooth application. There is a handy card that tells you what each brush is for. Don’t be an idiot like me, say to yourself “I know how to do makeup” and then wish you had kept it.

  • Jason - Very good protein for the Money

    This is the best protein for the money. It is very good with chocolate milk. It has all you need in one protein.

  • misrael - I like that this hair mask is natural and I do ...

    The deep conditioning hair mask arrive quickly in the mail. I like that this hair mask is natural and I do not have to worry about chemicals in it that could affect the coloring to my hair. I am the type of person who colors her hair blowdried her hair and then also curls and straight ironed my hair as well so there is a lot of damage that can occur. But since using the hair mask my hair has been softer my color has stayed any longer and I have not noticed split ends. I like this hair mask because when I wash it out the next day when I go to style my hair my hair does not feel heavy unlike when I have used other deep conditioning hair mask but my hair is actually more manageable and it holds my style longer. I have The care so when I normally go to flat iron or curl my hair the style sometimes does not stay throughout the day but like I stated since I've started using the conditioning treatment mask my styles have been staying in longer. One thing that you can do if you have a really bad damaged hair is you can use a deep conditioner but once you have an applied you can wrap your hair like with saran wrap and that way it will go deeper within your hair. The conditioning treatment Really does work and I plan on ordering more once my container runs out

  • Jeff Moe - A must read for those who want to be known as a good investor/businessman

    Warren Buffett revealed his secret sauce in his annual letters. It's been my investing bible since I started investing in late 1999.

  • Wade Johnson Jr. - I Think that I am Disappointed

    I thought that Swarovski was going to alternate their annual ornaments between snowflakes and stars. So I am disappointed that this year seemed to be another star and not a snowflake. Some reviewers are calling it a "snowflake", but it looks like a star to me. Swarovski has a smaller ornament labeled 2016 Annual Edition Christmas Star, small" which looks just like it. So I would drop the rating to 3 stars for my disappointment in it not being a snowflake but will add a star for so many saying that it is "beautiful". Have not received them yet but I will be ordering my usual four for family and friends.