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  • M. Havens - Let it be known! ONLY the most worthy, shall dawn the legendary Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt

    (DISCLAIMER) The epic journey I'm about to take you on will be that which no mere mortal can withstand. You see, one does not choose The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt; it is The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt that chooses you. The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt does not bestow its magical and unprecedented powers to just anyone. One must earn the right. One can earn the right if and ONLY if: in your lifetime you have continually walked the righteous path that only the noblest of gentleman have taken; If your soul is purer than any diamond known to man; if you're willing to protect its mysterious and supernatural secrets; if you're willing to undertake the enormous responsibility one must endure with all its immense power; and if you're willing to pay the $15.99 plus shipping and handling.

  • Rob P. - Minor defects

    Just started playing golf and wanted an affordable beginners club set. This set received the best reviews on several sites. The 5 hybrid arrived with dents on the face of the club. Since I'm a beginner it won't make much difference in the quality of my game but I am disappointed with the quality of the club I received. I probably won't buy another club online again and will want to inspect before buying. Overall, for the price I am still ok with this purchase. It appears that I am at least the third person to report this issue so I hope it is addressed by either amazon or top flight.

  • Nero Goldstein - Ok for cleaning teeth, not so great for killing ants..

    Picked this up for use in one of my kid's 'diversity' projects in school (Great Success!), and stuck the leftovers in the cabinet next to the baking soda.

  • Mel O - Best stuff ever for diaper rash

    I've tried them all (had 2 in diapers for 2 years), and this is the best! Others work, but this makes redness or rash disappear like lightning.

  • S. Mason - My first XCOM experiance

    Not a game I would have normally gravitated to coming from the world of first person shooters. However a friend highly recommended it, so I picked it up not really knowing what to expect, and I got to say Im addicted to this turn based strategy shooter. So much content to keep you busy for a long time. Very deep game, but the learning curve isnt too bad. Replay value is very high! No need for the cat like reflexes honed by shooters I normally play. But having a brain is a must.

  • Julia - It made my hair oily and sticky, I tired ...

    It made my hair oily and sticky, I tried to wash my hair after that THREE TIMES and still it looks oily! This is nit a miracle this was a disaster...

  • Josh W. - Awesome.

    My son is always getting too hot in strollers. This breathable one is amazing. Only down fall is that it doesn't recline. If it did then it would be perfect.